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  • 30% Federal Tax Credit on Entire System Cost
  • Additional State Tax Credit Available
  • Additional Utility Incentives Available

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Did you know that Your neighbor went solar...

Why Genuine Solar?

Our passion is serving our community with renewable energy. We firmly believe through solar energy, we can protect our environment and put money back into your pockets. Our focus is to provide you with top tier products, the best warranties in the industry, and best in class craftsmanship. We maintain the highest quality all while offering a price that is worthy of friends and family. Together we can ensure solar is a benefit to you now and long into the future.

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The Problem

Utility Monopoly

With only one choice for electricity, home owners in Idaho have no option but to stay with an energy source that delivers a never ending monthly bill by a utility that experiences no competition.

7% Annual Increase

Without choice, Idaho ans have seen electricity rates increase on average by 7% annually over the last 20 years. With an increasing population comes added infrastructure cost that is always passed down to the consumer.

Poor Air & Water Quality

Burning fossil fuels not only creates bad air quality, but it also is estimated to require 100 gallons of water for every kilowatt of energy produced!

The Solution

Take control of your energy debt today by going solar! Solar will never increase in cost. In fact, it's the same amount every month and has an end date in the near future!

By going solar, you are doing your part in healing our environment. Solar has become the top renewable energy source available and your system will produce clean energy for the next 30 to 40 years!

Self suffciency, control, and savings are the reason so many are choosing to go solar. The question isn't if you should, it's who should be your solar provider.

Make the sun work for you

How Solar Works

The sun will shine on your panels causing themto create Direct Current (DC) electricity.

Each of your solar panels will have their own microinverter to quickly and effiently transform the DC energy into usable AC electricity for your home.

When the sun is out, your new solar panels will generate more energy than you can immediately use. That extra energy will flow out to the electrical grid and for every kilowatt hour you send to the grid, the Utility Company will let you take back an hour at no extra charge!


"I met with ten different solar companies looking at proposal after proposal. Genuine beat them all by several thousand dollars… Industry leading warranties, 6 year history of solar installs and professional service. I highly recommend using Genuine Solar!"- Rachel L.

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